Is Bra Size The Right Way To Decide On Your Breast Implant ?

Most of the breast augmentation patients coming in for a consultation have the demand that i want THIS BRA SIZE. However this is an inaccurate way of measuring breast augmentation. Most of the bra brands have different cup sizes and there is no standardization of bra sizes. It is a variable which can not be measured in any way. So when a patient talks about her bra size it just gives the Plastic Surgeon a vague idea of her expectations. It should be made very clear to the patients exact cup size and bra size can not be guaranteed. Choosing the correct breast implant is a very exacting science which is determined by mainly patient factors and the type of implant to be used.

Patient variables which affect the implant size are  skin thickness, chest wall size , body frame of the patient etc. Implant factors like gel viscosity, gel-type, implant shape, projection and capacity are to be considered. Plastic Surgeon’s job is to educate the patient with what is possible,what fits their body, what fits their frame and emphasize that aim is to achieve natural results. When your friends see you the impression should be that have perfect breasts—NOT a great Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Arunesh Gupta is a renowned Plastic And Cosmetic Surgeon based in Mumbai,India. He has trained in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery in India and U.S.A.

Dr. Arunesh Gupta has published extensively in Plastic Surgery Journals, written book chapters, and has presented his work nationally and internationally at Plastic Surgery scientific meetings. He is also actively involved in organizing continuing medical education and workshops for the benefit of other doctors and medical students.

His areas of interest are
  1. Cosmetic Surgery of face, breast and body
  2. Microvascular Surgery for Onco-reconstruction
  3. Stem cell therapy for Hair and Facial rejuvenation
  4. Cosmetic Gynecology

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